Hi There Stranger. I’m Chriso

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I'm Christoph, but all my friends call me Chriso so you should, too. There will be some more rambling about myself ahead, so don't act like you haven't been warned.

Chriso Klepke

I'm 100% certain businesses can be found, grown and lead responsibly. What I mean by that is we don't need to exploit employees or other resources. We don't need to set the wrong expectations for the value of our product. We can be sincere and genuine about our endeavors. And we can be honest to a fault and just say sorry to our customers.

And although a lot of founders and business people wouldn't disagree with me, there are only a few that act on these concepts. Especially Startups. They have the best conditions to do things differently. To do things better than others. To make a change. But more often than not, we make up excuses like There is not enough time nor money. This is currently not our priority. We need to scale first. Or some other random BS. Why? Because it's fucking hard. I get it. But just because it's hard, it's not an excuse to make the right choices.

How I See Business

For a while I considered myself just a marketer. Although I'm a firm believer in focusing on specific actions and goals, I also believe that looking at marketing isolated can be very dangerous. People of all fields, whether it is marketing, sales, product, customers success or community management have to get a grasp of the whole customer experience to succeed at their responsibilities. If this doesn't sound any new to you, more power to you! But there is a massive disconnect in most organizations across the different touch-points of the experience.

That's why I see myself more as a growth strategist to solve specific business problems. Sometimes we can solve a problem by doing marketing activities. Other times we have to reconsider a particular aspect of the product. And occasionally we need to question the processes we have in place. The list is endless here, really. My point is that we need to harvest the whole potential in the company and keep an eye on the problems instead of all the awesome activities we could do.

What I'm Good At

You made up until here! That's awesome and thank you so much for taking that time. You now have probably some idea who I am and what I'm like. But building a relationship is a two-way street. So don't be stranger and shoot me an email.

That's Me I Guess