About Me

Hi, I’m Christoph. But please call me Chriso. I’m an inbound marketer, designing user experiences.

I believe there is an honest and genuine way to do business. Where people are valued more than numbers. Where being helpful is the key objective, not selling a product. Where managers recognize there is more to life than work.

That’s why I try to solve business problems responsibly. And I’m sure being human and transparent results in better experiences. Not only for the customer. But also for the business itself.

I currently consult and Avidly Agency.

If you need a marketing job and want to work remotely, I recommend the site Conversion Mate. I’m biased though, because I’m the one building it.

Over the past years, I worked with multiple tech startups in Germany, like Replex and Wundercurves, on their marketing and brand strategies and operations.

I also started coaching entrepreneurs at one of Europe’s highest-ranked Accelerators: SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator.

If you’d like to say hi or even talk shop, shoot me an email at christoph.klepke@hey.com.

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