You Don't Have a Clue, so Get Over it

Is your product any good? Yes? No? Maybe? Nobody knows. We all have assumptions, but they don't mean anything. Only if we ship and test our idea do we know for sure.

The other day I ran into Samuel at the coworking space where I'm well... working. Not surprisingly, Samuel works there, too.

He knows of the little side project that I'm currently working on called Conversion Mate. In short, it's a job board for only real marketing jobs that are full-time remote in Germany. 

As we talked about the project and the business side of things, he mentioned that it seems pretty niche, and in his opinion, it probably doesn't scale well. 

So I explained that this is more of a passion project to me. Something that isn't intended to be a substitute for my full-time job. It's a fun project. And primarily, it's my and our goal to help some marketers out to find a job. 

Sure it would be nice to earn a couple of hundred euros here and there with it. And I'd be lying if that isn't the plan. 

But even then, he mentioned it would be hard to make that ship fly. He mentioned a bunch of valid points, and I agree with him on a lot of them. 

This piece is not to make a case for Conversion Mate. If you want to check it out and it is still alive when you're reading this: Good!

It's also not the point to prove him wrong. I don't have the feeling to prove anything. I'm just doing what I think feels right. And he probably does the same. And I respect that.

The point is that nobody knows for sure how things in business will turn out. You need to validate your ideas. And that is done best when your product or service is out in the open.

Sure, we can make some educated guesses of our and others' past experiences. But I'm convinced that there are just too many variables at play to make such assumptions.

So is my side projected not scalable and maybe not worth pursuing. 

Is Samuel, right? Maybe!

Do I care? Kinda!

Do I change my opinion based on that? No!

I believe that you need to try and see if something works or doesn't.

And again, context is important. Maybe you want to have full-on business with a couple or even tens of people working there. Or you just want to have something running on the side for a bit of fun, goodwill, and some passive income (maybe)

Whether something is working or not is 

  • totally subjective
  • for you to decide 
  • can only be determined once your stuff is out in the open for others to judge

Otherwise, you don't know shit.

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